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HRDG 4330 - Career Transition Assistance Plan - Section B

Subchapter 4330
Career Transition Assistance Plan

Section B - Documentation on Employees and Vacancies



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Notification to Employees

MRP Human Resources Operations (HRO) will prepare and issue all official certificates of expected separation, reduction-in-force (RIF) notices, directed reassignment letters, or other certification that the employee is in a surplus organization or occupation. Certificates will be in writing and will include:

  • The title, series, grade, geographic location and full performance level of the employee's current position;
  • The name of a contact person to verify current eligibility and to serve as a point of notification if the employee is selected for another position;
  • A statement of eligibility for priority placement and career transition services;
  • Conditions under which eligibility will be terminated; and
  • The signature of the Chief, HRO, or designee.
Records on Eligibility

HRO will furnish information, as requested, concerning the employee's current eligibility, such as: series, grade, location employee was separated from, and the date the eligibility expires.

An affected employee who is offered a position to which he/she has priority placement eligibility must accept or decline the position within 5 work days of the official offer. Upon accepting such a position, the employee is precluded from further CTAP priority consideration. Failure to respond to an offer will be construed to mean the employee declines the position; however, a declination will not preclude an eligible employee from further consideration for other positions under the CTAP.

Once an affected employee accepts a validly offered position, he/she is no longer eligible for CTAP priority placement services. Selecting officials should immediately notify their servicing staffing specialist if an affected MRP employee fills a position on their staff. HRO will update records to reflect that the employee is no longer eligible for priority consideration under CTAP. This is particularly important if the personnel action was excepted from CTAP and the vacancy was not announced.

Vacancy Announcement Requirements

“Clearing CTAP” ensures that eligible surplus/displaced employees have the opportunity to apply for available positions. To accomplish this, MRP issues vacancy announcements for all actions covered in this plan. Announcements will contain the definition of well-qualified (see Glossary) to be used in filling the position. The servicing personnel office will determine whether or not an affected employee is well-qualified for a position.

MRP vacancies will be posted electronically through the Office of Personnel Management USAJobs and internal summary listings, as appropriate. Affected employees are responsible for learning about announced position vacancies, knowledges, skills, and abilities required by positions, materials required for complete application, and vacancies' closing dates.

Area of Consideration on Announcements All USDA surplus/displaced employees in the local commuting (LCA) area must be given the opportunity to apply and receive selection priority for positions covered in this plan. The following table lists the areas of consideration (i.e., areas in which the agency makes an intensive search for candidates) which may be used on vacancy announcements.
Area of Consideration (AOC): Reaches:
CTAP Eligibles Only All affected employees

AMS Programwide and CTAP eligibles

Note: This applies as stated in AMS' merit promotion plan (not APHIS or GIPSA).

Current AMS Program
(e.g., F&V) employees and CTAP eligibles
  • AMS Local Commuting Area (LCA) and CTAP eligibles, or
  • APHIS LCA and CTAP eligibles, or
  • GIPSA LCA and CTAP eligibles
Current employees in the LCA of the specified component
(AMS, APHIS, or GIPSA) and CTAP eligibles
  • AMSwide and CTAP eligibles, or
  • APHISwide and CTAP eligibles, or
  • GIPSAwide and CTAP eligibles
All current employees of the specified component, regardless of location, and CTAP eligibles
USDA LCA and CTAP eligibles All current USDA employees in the LCA and CTAP eligibles
USDAwide and CTAP eligibles All current USDA employees, regardless of location, and CTAP eligibles
Governmentwide LCA and CTAP eligibles All current Federal employees and reinstatement eligibles in the LCA, and CTAP eligibles
Governmentwide and CTAP eligibles All current Federal employees and reinstatement eligibles regardless of location and CTAP eligibles
All sources (case examining) All of the above, plus the general public

Note: For noncompetitive appointments not listed in “Exceptions,” eligibles need not apply to the announcement in order to be selected; however, to “clear CTAP” you must show that the position was announced to the appropriate area and that CTAP eligibles had the opportunity to apply.

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