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HRDG 4230 - Section C - Procedure

Subchapter 4230
Volunteer Service Program
Section C - Procedure


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Before the Volunteer Service Begins

MRP supervisors interested in utilizing volunteers should contact the MRP Volunteer Service Program Coordinator (VSPC) for assistance and guidance.

The supervisor is responsible for planning and establishment of structured volunteer assignment(s).

The supervisor will request from the interested applicant the required documents listed in Appendix A (Student Volunteer Program) or Appendix C (Regular Volunteer Program - Non-Student) as applicable. Once the completed documents are received, the supervisor will forward the documents to the VSPC to complete processing of the request.

Documentation of Service

A volunteer agreement must be completed and signed between the supervising MRP Program contact and each volunteer prior to beginning the volunteer service. The written agreement must outline the conditions and limitations of the volunteer participant’s assignment and the responsibilities of all parties (MRP official, the volunteer, and official at the educational institution if applicable). The template agreements Appendix B - Student Volunteer Service Agreement, or Appendix D - Volunteer Service Agreement - Non-Student) must be used to fulfill this requirement.

Note:If the selected volunteer is under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must sign the “Parental Consent for Volunteer Under Age 18” section of the agreement.

Volunteer Time and Attendance Record

Dates and time of service performed by each volunteer must be recorded on the time and attendance record each day they are present in the work place. See Appendix E.


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