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HRDG 4230 - Section B - Volunteer Service Program

Subchapter 4230
Volunteer Service Program
Section B - Volunteer Service Program



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Current Employees

Current USDA employees may volunteer their services while on excused absence or on their personal time. For information on use of excused absence, leave flexibilities, and work scheduling that may support volunteer activity, please follow the link to the MRP Human Resources Desk Guide (HRDG), Subchapter 4630 - Absence and Leave, Section D, Subsection F. Employees may not perform their regular or recurring duties as a volunteer.

Regular Volunteers (Non-Students)

The non-student volunteer program gives participating individuals the opportunity to provide services without compensation that contribute to the furtherance of the MRP mission.

Student Volunteers

The student volunteer program offers unpaid training opportunities to enrich the student’s educational experience and provide opportunities to explore career options, as well as develop their personal and professional skills. MRP programs may accept the voluntary services of students with the permission of the educational institution at which the student is enrolled.

The student and the supervisor agree upon the days and hours of service.

Student volunteers must be in good standing academically.

Status of Volunteers

Volunteers are not considered employees for any purposes other than coverage under Government provisions for injury compensation and laws related to Federal tort claims.

Volunteers are not covered by or entitled to:

  • annual or sick leave;
  • life or health insurance;
  • retirement benefits; or
  • credit for service computation date.


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