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Communication - ezFedGrants Implementation Update:  June 29, 2016 


As many of you know, the User Acceptance Testing (or UAT) in July and August have been cancelled with no update on when this critical task will be rescheduled. While the contractor is on schedule, there are other contingencies that are delaying the implementation. OCFO (at the Department level) is evaluating these factors and will soon have a revised date for user acceptance testing and deployment of ezFedGrants. We have cancelled the July and August UAT and will not reschedule until the revised project plan is stable.  We know for sure that you will NOT be asked to participate in UAT in September during year end closing. Please cancel your reservations and TDY if you were traveling to attend July or Augusts UAT. Stay tuned in the next two weeks for new UAT dates. As before, we will be holding the testing in Riverdale for 9-10 consecutive work days (depending on if there is a holiday involved).  And, as before, if FY 2017 travel funds are needed, please ask.

We have received many questions about training. That is what prompted us to prepare and conduct the “in-house” presentation many of you saw today.  June 7th and today’s presentations can be found at the Agreements Service Center website under Training. While this overview is a great beginning, we realize that there are limitations to this type of presentation and many of you have asked for more details. There is a robust training initiative currently under way at the Department level. We meet weekly with the Department and the contractors to clarify training being developed for the Enterprise solution, that is, the solution for all USDA Agencies, not APHIS specifically. Enterprise training artifacts in the form of simulations and job aids are being developed by the contractor for our use. The scheduled release for the training material is one month prior to implementation. For example, if ezFedGrants is deployed October 21 (according to the latest project plan), we will have the training materials September 21st. This will give us the first three (3) weeks of October to conduct pre-go-live training. Of course, training artifacts will be made available for our use at any time after we receive them.

We hope you are working with your cooperators to get their eAuthentication Level 2 complete. Let us know how we can help. If your organization will be meeting with cooperators soon, we can assist in setting up a Local Registration Authority (LRA) for your event. Before meeting with the LRA, tell your cooperator to go to and register for a Level 2 Account.

Please direct all questions to the ASC e-mail group set up for this purpose. We will capture the question in a Frequently Asked Questions document and make it available on the ASC website. 

Thank you,


Implementation Team

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