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Communication - ezFedGrants external portal is available to recipients/cooperators!


A Message from the Agreement Services Center 
 Greetings Agreements Community

This message is being sent to all Authorized Departmental Officer’s Designated Representatives (ADODR), Authorized Departmental Officers (ADO) and Agreement Specialists (AS)

The purpose of this email is to provide you the instructions to send to your cooperators letting them know that the ezFedGrants portal is ready for use. The first attachment “AGREEMENT TRACKING 2016 by Program and Admin Contact (XLSX)” is a job aid to help you identify cooperators who you did business with in FY2016  to help you decide who to send this information to.  Please remove this spreadsheet (AGREEMENT TRACKING 2016 by program and admin contact.xlsx) before sending the following suggested message to these cooperators:

Greetings APHIS cooperative agreement and grants recipients/cooperators:

In our last communication to you we told you that we would notify you when the ezFedGrants system would be available to request access. The time is now!  We are excited to present the ezFedGrants external portal to you. As mentioned in previous communications, you must first have received eAuthentication Level II access. 

If you have eAuth Level II, please access the portal at and select the Launch ezFedGrants icon.

  • The first person from your organization to request access must request the Grants Administrative Officer (GAO) role. Once approved, other requests will go to your organization’s GAO(s) for approval. All people requesting access must have eAuth Level II.
  • When selecting an organization, ensure that the DUNS is accurate. By aligning yourself to this organization, you are acknowledging that the DUNS number corresponds to your organization’s banking information. Choosing an incorrect DUNS number, even if the address is correct, could misdirect claims. Please contact your Accounts Receivable department for guidance, if needed.
  • If you cannot locate your organization’s DUNS record when requesting access, please ensure your organization has a DUNS. Email or call  301 851-2600 and leave a message. Provide the DUNS and Cage number and request that your organization’s vendor record be made available in ezFedGrants.

If you do not have eAuth level II User Id and password you must request it through your Local Registration  Authority Locations. See the attached job aid ezFedGrants External Portal Request for eAuth and GAO Access (DOCX) for instructions that will walk you through the eAuth and ezFedGrants access.

The main menu at the NFC link has Training job aids for you, our cooperators.  Click on the training icon cid:image005.jpg@01D249B1.58264DB0 to gain access to four training aids to assist you in accessing and confirming roles in ezFedGrants.  The aids are:

If you have any question or need assistance please respond back to or call 301 851-2600 and leave a message. We will contact you within 2 business days. For more immediate attention, please mark your email as IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED.

Thank you

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