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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Billings Team FAQ's


 Why am I being charged overtime for these inspection services?

To reduce the cost of these services to the average taxpayer, APHIS charges for the overtime inspection services for all commercial and foreign government aircraft, vessels, and motor vehicles entering the United States. This overtime service is provided after normal duty hours, weekends, and holidays. These services are reimbursed to the government by the customers directly receiving the inspections. These charges reduce the use of taxpayer dollars by an average of $10-12 million annually. This team helps to ensure the reimbursement to the government through the use of credit and debt management tools and techniques.

If I cannot pay by check, money order, cash, or credit card, how do I set up an account to charge User Fees?

To establish credit for user fee services, an APHIS Form 192 (Application for Account and Credit Services), must be completed and forwarded to the Accounts Receivable Team. It is recommended that accounts be set up only if your usage exceeds five services per year. The Accounts Receivable Team will perform a credit check and if a client's records are satisfactory, an account number will be assigned. An account will be denied if there is no US Federal Tax ID Number on the APHIS Form 192 or if the agreement block is altered or unsigned.

APHIS Form 192 can be completed on line, printed and then mailed to the address on the bottom of the form or faxed to (612) 336-3563. 

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