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Accounts Receivable Shared Services Team

The Accounts Receivable Shared Services Team (ARSST) is the focal point for collections payments, debt management analysis, and debt collection for USDA agencies under Service Level Agreements with APHIS.  Currently, ARSST provides services to AMS, GIPSA and FAS. The Accounts Receivable Shared Services Team is responsible for providing customer service working with the field offices of the contracting agencies and at times directly with customers as needed.


Our services address customer account management, as well as accounting issues related to posting properly transactions in the Financial Management Modernization Initiative System (FMMI) On a daily basis the ARSST team is responsible for proper posting collections from customers coming through US Bank and deposited in US Treasury. This task involves processing payments in the form of checks, credit cards and electronic wire transfers. Core activities in collections for our contracting agencies are:

  • Daily Processing of Checks or Electronic Collections

  • Posting and Processing of Debit Vouchers (insufficient funds payments)

  • Posting and Processing Overpayments

  • Processing Foreign Checks

  • Facilitation of Electronic Payments for Customers

  • Collections Adjustments Processing due to Customer/Bank Errors

Debt Management

The Accounts Receivable Shared Services Team also provides services related to managing delinquent debt due to non-payment for services, inspection fees and registrations, penalties due to violations, interest and administrative fees.  We focus on ensuring that the debt owed to the contracting agencies is monitored properly pursuing payment under the regulations, and properly adhering to US Treasury and OMB regulations regarding referrals and write–offs. Some of the main activities by ARSST in this area are: 

  • Agencies Field Services and Customer Account Support

  • Bill Clearing (applying payments to bills)

  • Delinquent Aging Report Monitoring and Resolution

  • Delinquent Notices and Due Process

  • US Treasury Referrals and FEDDEBT Systems Updates

  • Write-Offs and Closings to Current not Collectible

  • Bankruptcy Claims and Processing

  • Debt Payment Arrangements and Disputes

  • Modifications Processing Due to Errors

  • Refunds due to Over-payments or Errors

  • Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR) Reporting

Current A/R Services for Level Service Agreement Agencies


Collections, Debt Management and TROR


            Collections, Debt Management and TROR




To provide our services to contracting agencies based on the Service Level Agreements ensuring excellent customer service, properly accounting for all received collections, minimizing delinquent debt by adhering to US Treasury regulations, and ensuring that due processes are followed for all delinquent accounts.

Programs ARSST Services


  • Cotton - Classification User Fees
  • Tobacco - User Fees
  • Fruit and Vegetable-Fresh - User Fees
  • Fruit and Vegetable-Processed - User Fees
  • Livestock - User Fees
  • Poultry - User Fees
  • Science and Technology - User Fees


  • User Fees
  • Civil Penalties
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