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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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International Operations & Accounting Team (IOAT)


The International Operations & Accounting Team (IOAT):

  • Acts as Document Resolution Managers (DRM) for the Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) for commitment, obligation, and receipting errors
  • Acts as liaison to field and headquarters offices as well as Controller Operations Division (COD) on financial and accounting data
  • Assists COD with the processing of associated Inter-agency Payments and Collections (IPAC) billings
  • Assists in payment research and problem-solving accounting and payment issues
  • Expedites same-day-payments and wire transfers via the Secured Payment System (SPS).
  • Manages FAS Government Purchase Card Program to monitor credit card transactions, provide guidance to cardholders and approving officials on the use of the purchase card and reconciliation, and act as a liaison between cardholders and the contractor’s bank.
  • Obligates all Inter-agency Agreements (including: GSA obligations for RWA's, MPOL, FTEL and Autochoice vehicle orders; DHS SWA's; GPO Print Orders)
  • Obligates and processes monthly payments for all Non-GSA leases for APHIS, AMS and GIPSA
  • Process the Voucher Auditor Detail Reports (VADR) from the Department of State for APHIS and FAS transactions
  • Processes and records foreign payments for APHIS, AMS, FAS and GIPSA made through the electronic Payment Request Entry System (ePRES) in US dollars and local currencies
  • Provides oversight of foreign allowances for all APHIS and FAS Foreign Service Officers, ensuring payments are valid and processed timely
  • Provides oversight and processes replenishment requests for international Imprest Funds.
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