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Billings & Claims FAQ's


 Why am I being charged overtime for these inspection services?

To reduce the cost of these services to the average taxpayer, APHIS charges for the overtime inspection services for all commercial and foreign government aircraft, vessels, and motor vehicles entering the United States. This overtime service is provided after normal duty hours, weekends, and holidays. These services are reimbursed to the government by the customers directly receiving the inspections. These charges reduce the use of taxpayer dollars by an average of $10-12 million annually. This team helps to ensure the reimbursement to the government through the use of credit and debt management tools and techniques.

If I cannot pay by check, money order, cash, or credit card, how do I set up an account to charge User Fees?

To establish credit for user fee services, an APHIS Form 192 (Application for Account and Credit Services), must be completed and forwarded to the Accounts Receivable Team. It is recommended that accounts be set up only if your usage exceeds five services per year. The Accounts Receivable Team will perform a credit check and if a client's records are satisfactory, an account number will be assigned. An account will be denied if there is no US Federal Tax ID Number on the APHIS Form 192 or if the agreement block is altered or unsigned.

APHIS Form 192 can be completed on line, printed and then mailed to the address on the bottom of the form or faxed to (612) 336-3563. 

What do I do with money received from Jury Duty service?

When receiving a check for jury duty fees, you keep the amount the court indicated is for expenses, then send a check or money order made out  to USDA, APHIS for the remaining amount you received for serving (see the HR Desk Guide Subchapter 4630, Section D, Subsection a).  Attach the check to an APHIS Form 94 which includes your name, the accounting code from which you are paid, and budget object classification code 1156 which indicates jury duty fees. Send the APHIS Form 94 and check to:

 P. O. Box 979043
 St. Louis MO  63197-9000

The APHIS Form 94 can be found by Clicking Here

How do I file an Employee Claim?

Employee claims are submitted under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employee's Claims Act of 1964 for damage to, or loss of personal property incident to service.  Claims submitted for consideration must be over $10.00 and cannot exceed $40,000.  Claims must be filed within 2 years of loss.

What the employee should do?

Submit an AD-382, Employee Claim for Loss or Damage to Personal Property, to APHIS, MRPBS, FMD, Billings & Collections Team; 250 Marquette Ave STE 410, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2329.

When there is a possibility of recovery against a carrier, insurer, warehouseman, or other contractor, claims arising from such relationships must be pursued before filing an employee claim.

In support of the dollar amount claimed, provide substantiation in the form of canceled checks, receipts, or signed estimates of replacement or repair.

A letter from the supervisor indicating whether the possession of the property was reasonable, proper, or useful under the circumstances at the time of loss.

Copies of internal reports, witness statements, police reports, etc., should be included with the claim, if applicable.

What Billings & Collections Team (BCT) will do

Review the claim for completeness.  If the claim is incomplete, BCT will send the employee a letter indicating the issues that need to be corrected, clarified, or substantiated.

Adjudicate once the claim is "whole".  If the claim is allowed, BCT will issue a payment.  BCT will contact the employee's program for the accounting code chargeable. 

How long it will take

Once the claim is "whole", BCT has up to six months to make a determination on the claim.

Helpful hints

Employees submitting a claim may wish to reference USDA Departmental Regulation 2510-1, January 25, 1995.

Always carry additional home insurance when making a household move, particularly if the move is outside the United States. 

Who to call for help

Please send questions regarding the employee claim process to APHIS, MRPBS, FMD, BCT, 250 Marquette Ave STE 410, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2329  or call (612) 336-3269/3270 or email to: 

As a Federal Employee, What are your Responsibilities in a Tort Claim?

What you should do:

In instances involving property damage, personal injury, or death, to a private party:

  • Refrain from making any statement admitting liability 
  • Furnish information to claimant regarding your place of employment and work address, telephone number, license number, etc., which would normally be exchanged during an accident 
  • Provide Claims Team contact phone numbers to the claimant. (612) 336-3269/3270
  • If a claim is received locally, immediately date stamp the claim and send to the Claims Team, 
    APHIS, MRPBS, FMD, BCT, 250 Marquette Ave STE 410, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2329 3 or email to: or
  • Forward all claims to APHIS, MRPBS, FMD, BCT, 250 Marquette Ave STE 410, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2329


If the accident involved a motor vehicle, in addition to the duties above, complete and forward to BCT a completed:

SF-91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report 

AD-112, Report of Damage 

Police Report 

SF-94, Statement of Witness 

For more information about motor vehicle accidents, please see the "APHIS Motor Vehicle Fleet Management Manual"(Employees Only).Employees Only

If the accident involved a program function or equipment, complete and forward to BCT a completed:

Written report from the supervisor describing the program involved and any pertinent statutory authority or regulations. 

Written report from employee(s) involved describing in detail the circumstances surrounding the accident 

Any contracts or cooperative agreements in effect at the time of the incident which may affect the liability of the Federal government. 

What BCT will do

Review the tort claim and the information submitted by the Federal employee(s).  BCT will inform the claimant and/or the Federal employee(s) of any additional information which may be needed.

If the claim is over $2,500:

Forward the completed claim along with the appropriate reports and documentation to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) for a decision.

Inform the program of OGC's decision on whether to allow or deny the claim.

If the claim is $2,500 or less:

An BCT Claims Specialist will make the determination whether to allow or deny the claim.  Any claims for a denial will be forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) for a final review.

Claims of $2,500 or less will be charged to program funds from the fiscal year in which the claim was allowed by BCT.

How long it will take

The Office of the General Counsel has six months from the date the claim is received by APHIS to make a determination on the claim.

The BCT Claims Team has five days from the date the claim is fully substantiated to make a determination on the claim.

Helpful hints

Follow the Departmental Regulation 2510.1, January 25, 1995, for a description and instructions of the tort claim process.

Who to call for help

Questions regarding the tort claim process should be forwarded to BCT at (612) 336-3269/3270 or email to: 


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