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Review & Analysis Branch (RAB)

The Review & Analysis Branch (RAB) provides program oversight and management improvements through reviews including programs under cooperative agreements and grants, international trust funds, international post and programs, and reviews to ensure compliance with the Horse Protection Act. The mission is to foster a partnership with the management of the areas reviewed to facilitate fundamental operational and administrative improvement, support, and cooperation. The Branch provides the Agency's Management Control oversight function (including A-123) ensuring that any control weaknesses are identified and corrected. RAB provides agency liaison assistance with OIG/GAO audit groups including developing Agency-wide responses to audit findings and ensuring audit recommendations are implemented.

  Work in the Review and Analysis Branch includes:

  • Evaluating APHIS programs/activities for overall effectiveness and efficiency in meeting their objectives;
  • Fostering a partnership with the management of the areas reviewed, to facilitate fundamental improvement;
  • Developing position and briefing papers for top management officials and providing these officials with briefings on the results of RAB reviews.
  • Serving as the agency's Management Control oversight function ensuring APHIS control weaknesses are identified and corrected.
  • Providing Liaison assistance with OIG/GAO audit groups.  Developing agency-wide responses to audit findings and follow-up to ensure OIG/GAO audit recommendations are implemented.
  • Conducting Cooperative Agreement Reviews;
  • Conducting International Pre-Clearance Programs Trust Fund Reviews;
  • Conducting International Services Post and Program Reviews;
  • Reviewing of the Horse Industry Organization under the Horse Protection Act;
  • Conducting Program Reviews and Special Projects; and
  • Preparing Required APHIS reports to oversight bodies.

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