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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Review & Analysis Branch (RAB)

The Review & Analysis Branch (RAB) performs a variety of cooperative agreement review, internal control, audit liaison, suspension/debarment, and user fee-related functions. In addition, RAB is responsible for several special projects including fee-related Paperwork Reduction Act management, the USDA Biennial Review of Charges, support for certain accounting transactions, Departmental Regulation 1010 Chief Financial Officer Memorandums, and Fraud Reduction.

Work in the Review and Analysis Branch includes:

  • Implementation of OMB Circular A-123, Management's Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control. The OMB Circular A-123 is an annual assessment that involves risk assessments, business process overviews, control testing/reporting, corrective action management, an assurance statement, and bridge memo formulation mainly for APHIS, but also for Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) for certain business cycles. RAB also maintains the A-123 Compliance Reporting and Tracking (ACRT) system which captures the testing of all business processes and outstanding corrective action plans. Monthly, RAB works with APHIS and FAS process owners monthly to address any outstanding issues and close corrective action plans. NOTE: Although related to risk management, APHIS does not perform the entity level controls assessment, audit liaison work, enterprise risk management risk profile formulation, or suspension/debarment functions for FAS.
  • Audit liaison role when APHIS is being audited by the Office of the Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).
  • Performs cooperative agreement reviews to determine cooperator and Agency compliance with regulations and the APHIS Agreements Management Manual.
  • Creates the APHIS portion of the USDA’s Biennial Review of Charges.
  • Prepares the APHIS contribution to USDA’s Agency Financial Report.
  • Leads APHIS suspension and debarment (S&D) efforts, including reviewing cases that violate APHIS’ laws, taking actions to debar untrustworthy entities, and reporting on APHIS’ S&D monitoring efforts.
  • Creates cost estimates that supports user fee-related accounting entries such as the Agricultural Quarantine and Inspection (AQI) earned revenue and accounts receivable entries and the imputed costs transfers to U.S. Treasury and the Veterinary Services (VS) and Plant Protection and Quarantine Program’s reimbursable overtime imputed costs transfers to U.S. Treasury.
  • Performs miscellaneous APHIS user fee functions including regulatory updates, certain policy management, and rate-setting.
  • Prepares the CFO memorandum portions of APHIS and AMS Departmental Regulation 1010 Packages.
  • Completes Paperwork Reduction Act filings for VS and PPQ forms pertaining to user fees and reimbursable overtime.
  • Certain risk management roles such as assisting the Agency with the creation of enterprise risk management risk profiles, and fraud awareness and reduction efforts.
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