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Communication - ezFedGrants User Roles


A Message from APHIS Chief Financial Officer Barbara Thompson

This message is being sent to all Authorized Departmental Officer’s Designated Representatives (ADODR), Authorized Departmental Officers (ADO) and Agreement Specialists (AS)  

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Please disregard the above subject version sent out on June 7, 2016 at 7:46am; this version has corrected the missing links.


Welcome to ezFedGrants’ June communication.  This month we focus on explaining external and internal User Roles in ezFedGrants.  There are three security roles designated for users outside of USDA (external) and 11 for users employed by USDA (internal). The chart below contains a list of old and new roles to help you determine the role you will be assigned in ezFedGrants.  The attached Power Point Employees Only (Employees Only) describes the functions for each role.  We included a spreadsheet Employees Only (Employees Only) to further help in explaining the workflow and duties of each role.   Using the chart to find your new role and the Power Point and spreadsheet to describe the role, you will come away with a better understanding of the activities for which you and your fellow grants administrators will be responsible.




External Users (Cooperators)

Grants Processor

Not applicable/Grants Processor

Cooperator Signatory Official

Not applicable

/Recipient Signatory Official

Grants Administrative Officer

Not applicable

/Grants Administrative Officer

Internal Users (APHIS employees)

Agreements Specialist

Grants Specialist/Grants Specialist

(no previous term)

Agency Grants Management Officer (AGMO)/AGMO

Minneapolis Obligation

Financial Approver/Grants Evaluator

National Program Manager

National Program Manager/NPM

Authorized Departmental Officer's Designated Official (ADODR)

Program Manager/Program Manager

Authorized Department Officer (ADO)

Agency Signatory Official/Grantor Evaluator

IS Program Reviewer

Program Reviewer/Grantor Evaluator

Assistant Deputy Administrator (ADA)

Sensitive Reviewer/Grantor Evaluator

RAB Auditor

Grantor Evaluator/Grantor Evaluator

Program Budget Analyst

Funds Pre-Commitment Processor

Functional Administrator

FFATA Extract Processor

(no previous term)

Funds Pre-Commitment Processor


There are two concepts that are tricky to understand when reading the descriptions and spreadsheet.  Both concepts use the terms “internal” and “external” but are referring to different things. 

  1. We will be assigning external users (cooperators) and internal users (APHIS employees) roles in ezFedGrants. 
  2. ezFedGrants has two portals from which to work: the external Pega portal and the internal CRM portal.  External users will only have access to the external portal.  Internal users will sometimes be in CRM and sometimes in Pega, depending on what they are doing.  Moving between portals is easy and seamless.  The role names between CRM and PEGA differ to keep track of which portal you are in. 


A month or so before we deploy, we will send a spreadsheet to each of the Program Unit points of contact asking them to identify ezFedGrants internal APHIS users, their role and their program.  We will mass-provision these roles into FMMI just-in-time for implementation.  After that, requests for internal user access will go through the Agency Grants Management Officer, which currently is ASC.  (External users sign up for their own roles through Pega using their eAuthentication access.)

Please do not hesitate to contact ASC at if you have any questions.

This communication and all previous communication can be accessed by clicking on the  Agreement Services Center webpage.




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