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Communication – eAuthentication Level 2 Access/External Users Roles


A Message from APHIS Chief Financial Officer Barbara Thompson

This message is being sent to all Authorized Departmental Officer’s Designated Representatives (ADODR), Authorized Departmental Officers (ADO) and Agreement Specialists (AS)  

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Welcome to ezFedGrants’ May communication.  The countdown begins for FY2017 implementation! 

This month we continue to focus on explaining how to gain access to ezFedGrants for our external users.  Subsequent communications will be directed to internal APHIS audiences, taking you through each module of ezFedGrants: the Announcement, Application, Award, Post Award and Closeout. We expect to include a matching series of job aids. 

As with the March 22, 2016 communication, please provide this information to those grantees with whom you will be doing business in FY 2017.  Our goal is that all known FY2017 cooperators be granted USDA Level 2 eAuthentication by September 30, 2016. For your convenience, we have attached a list of FY 2015 grantees Employees Only (Employees Only). You may wish to use this to keep track of the progress grantees are making in gaining access to ezFedGrants. Use the column entitled “Program and Cooperator” to filter the list to your specific cooperators. 

This communication is written with the idea that you will be forwarding it to your cooperators. Please remove this bracketed paragraph and remove the attached spreadsheet before sending to your cooperators.

This month we will continue to focus on explaining how to gain access to ezFedGrants for our external users, answering the questions:

  • How does an external user gain access to ezFedGrants?
  • How does the system look to the external user?
  • What roles can an external user be assigned? and
  • What are the functions of each external user role?

Gaining Access and Viewing ezFedGrants for External Users

In March, we provided information regarding how the external user must get USDA Level 2 eAuthentication before gaining access to ezFedGrants.  Contact us if you would like copies of the detailed instructions previously provided.  Much of the information is repeated, but in less detail, in this youtube video Optimizing Best Practices.

Please note that:

  • At minute 14:04 (slide 12), the video explains how the external user is provided access to the system. 
  • At minute 17:06 (slide 14), user roles and their function are explained.  For your convenience, this information is repeated below. 
  • At minute 19:30 (slide 15) the video provides a glimpse at how the system operates from the external user’s point of view.

Using the information provided in this video and below, please determine who in your organization will need access to ezFedGrants.  Please ensure that they have USDA Level 2 eAuthentication by September 30, 2016and please keep us informed of your progress (e.g., “2 people have been identified in X organization, all have received USDA Level 2 eAuth access”).  Let us know how we can assist. 

Available Roles for External Users and their function

Three external user roles exist in ezFedGrants.  Access to the system depends on the role a user has been assigned.  Use the description of each role provided below for easier assignment, remembering that the role names may not align to your organization’s position titles.  Direct any questions about the roles and role assignments to

  • Grant Processor: This role is responsible for filling out and submitting grant applications in response to USDA Opportunities. This role will also be responsible for submitting claims. This role could be filled by the Principal Investigator. Access to the system can be provided by your organization’s GAO using your USDA Level 2 eAuthentication username.
  • Grant Administrative Official (GAO): The GAO performs the same tasks as the Grant Processor role with two major differences:
    • The GAO role is also responsible for approving subsequent user role requests from within the grantee’s organization, and
    • He/she manages the overall system accounts for the grantee’s organization.

The prospective GAO will request access to the system via the portal and will be approved by the APHIS Agency Grants Management Office (AGMO) unless a GAO has already been established for the grantee organization.

  • Signatory Official: This role is responsible for approving applications and award documents. This role could be filled by your current Grantee Signatory Official. Access to the system can be provided by your organization’s GAO using your USDA Level 2 eAuthentication username.

Thank you for your continue support in the ezFedGrants implementation.


Barbara L. Thompson
APHIS Chief Financial Officer

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