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Online Self-Assessments

APHIS Ergonomics

The APHIS Ergonomics Program is committed to providing ergonomic services to all APHIS employees. Recognizing that ergonomic services may not be available as quickly as desired, the APHIS Ergonomics Program has provided the ability for employees to conduct online self-assessments. These online self-assessments serve as educational and training tools, enabling employees to make immediate adjustments to their work set-ups, job tasks, and body postures.

Participation in the online self-assessments may help to minimize and or eliminate work-related musculoskeletal discomfort experienced as part of the job. The following online self-assessments are currently available to all APHIS employees:

Driving Ergonomics

Laboratory Ergonomics

Upon completing the online self-assessment, please feel free to contact the APHIS Ergonomics Program for identified problems and questions. Call 301-436-3175 for more information. 

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