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Accounts Receivable Team Servicing APHIS


Lora Swanson Supervisory Financial Management Analyst 612-336-3392 Location Minneapolis, MN
Katherine Bun Collections Technician 612-336-3638 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shin-Jeong Christensen Debt Management Specialist (VS and ROT) 612-336-3262 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Elias Financial Management Analyst 612-336-3260 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Bonnie Ketola Debt Management Specialist (VS and ROT) 612-336-3267 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Jeffrey Lee Debt Management Specialist (WS) 612-336-3250 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Melissa Mack Financial Management Analyst 612-336-3383 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Carin McCoy Debt Management Specialist (Civ Pen) 612-336-3243 Location Minneapolis, MN
John-Michael Puetz Debt Management Specialist (WS) 612-336-3257 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Karl Nestler Collections Technician 612-336-3253 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Laura Penner Debt Management Specialist (AQI) 612-336-3268 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Greg Wilkes Debt Management Specialist (AQI) 612-336-3254 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Mailing Address

Accounts Receivable Servicing APHIS Team
250 Marquette Ave STE 410
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2329

Fax - 612-336-3563

Helpline - 612-336-3400 or email at
Call Toll Free - 1-877-777-2128


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