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Inputting Resumes in USAJOBS


Q: Can I create a resume online?

A: Yes. During your registration with USAJOBS, you should complete a Federal resume. In fact, you have the capability of creating and storing up to five resumes. Once created, you can update or change your resumes. When you apply for a particular vacancy, the system automatically attaches your resume to that particular vacancy announcement as part of your application. If you apply for more than one vacancy, you may wish to update your resume at that time to correspond more closely with the new vacancy announcement.

Q: How do I create or edit my resume in USAJOBS? 

A: To create a resume in USAJOBS, you must use the Resume Builder. The Resume Builder collects the standard information applicants must submit in order to be considered for a Federal position. You can copy and paste information from your resume into the Resume Builder text fields. Please note that there is a limit of five resumes per account. To get started click [My Account] and create or login to your USAJOBS account. Choose [Resumes]. If you do not have an existing resume, click [Build New Resume]. If you need to update an existing resume, locate the appropriate resume and click [Edit]. Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your resume.

Q: What happens if I don't submit a resume with my personal information when applying for a job?

A: You must complete a USAJOBS resume to apply online for a vacancy. If you do not submit a resume by midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the closing date of the vacancy announcement, you will not be considered for that position.

Q: I already have a resume and/or SF-171 established. Can I load this onto the system?

A. Yes. USAJOBS does allow users to upload their resume. However, we are unable to accept resumes uploaded to the USAJOBS website at this time. When applying for a position with our agency, you must use the USAJOBS resume builder to submit your resume.

Q: How can applicants upload attachments to the resume? 

A: USAJOBS allows you to add supplemental information, up to 22,000 characters while in the resume builder section. Currently, there is no functionality which allows you to upload attachments to your online application.


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