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FMD Quick Reference Guide



General FMMI Information General Information

General finance information not specifically tied to one of the FMMI modules listed below.

General Information

Pay Periods

FMMI validation--conversion cross reference 

Accounts Payable Accounts Payable/Purchasing

How USDA maintains, updates, and processes vendor invoices and payments. The FMMI system enables USDA to receive and record requests for payment from supplier entities with or without purchasing activity from materials management.

Utility Payments – MetTel-BRUIN

Reference Videos

Note: The steps for SF 1164 will be the same for OF 1164

Reference Material


Purchase Card SmartPay 2 Program (Employees Only) Employees Only

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable

How USDA records, manages, and collects receivables due from customers.  Accounts receivable activities include process and record receivables, bill customers, manage and collect debt.

Sales Orders

Trust Funds


Cost Management Cost Management

How USDA records, tracks, and measures the flow of costs and revenue. Cost Management includes distributing expenses collected in Cost Objects to other Cost Objects in designated organizational structures that are responsible for these costs.

 Funds Management Funds Management

How USDA supports activities associated with executing budget, distribution and monitoring USDA’s resources and available funds. The Funds Management function consists of three major transactions; perform budget distribution; process reservations and process funds commitment.

General Ledger General Ledger

How USDA complies with the financial, budgetary, and statutory reporting requirements. Every transaction resulting in a financial impact posts to the General Ledger.  General Ledger activities processed by FMMI include accruals, adjustments, and financial reporting.

Accounting Adjustments

Training Videos

Reference Materials

Master Data Master Data

A collection of information generally for end users, master data includes Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), shorthand codes (SHCs), cost and fund centers, and funds.

Helpful Information


Reference Material

Policy-Manuals Policy-Manuals


Complementary Content