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Metastorm Business Process Management (MBPM)


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What is Metastorm Business Process Management (MBPM)?

The MBPM is one of the standard technologies offered by the APHIS ITD.  This software provides the APHIS Business owner the ability to automate and customize business process workflow solutions in order to make them more effective, more efficient and more capable to adapt to changes. It helps business units manage end-to-end processes by integrating both centric and human centric workflows.

A BPM technology solution can help when:

  • Consistent data is being collected from various sources/users.
  • The collection of data may or may not involve further approvals or routing.
    • If the data initiates a request that requires further actions from others, a business process can be defined to facilitate the processing.  A business workflow can be defined that outlines the routing/approval stages/data augmentation and completion of the request submitted.  The workflow provides an agile framework in which to define the workflow logic and flows. 
    • If the data does not require additional workflow, the data collected can be used to simply facilitate creation of reports/basis for analysis/etc.  The data framework used to collect the data can be established to provide relationships between data elements and facilitate the use of its content.  The data collected is stored and accessible from a relational database.
  • Relational database is used to store related process data.  Facilitates management of data and integrity by providing flexibility to manage data relationships.
  • To manage risks and meet compliance regulations.
  • There is a native reporting capability as well as the opportunity to use any SQL reporting tool to extract and create reports as needed.
  • The visibility and availability of the application and its data is managed using role base management.
  • Repetitive process.
  • Communication between the requestor/users established within the process is required.
  • Customers and workflow active participants want to ability to track the status of the request online.
  • Participants in the workflow are at various physical locations.
  • Many requestors/users can submit into the basic same business process workflow.
  • Technology produces basic audit trails of actions taken on given transaction.
  • The process involves both internal and external customer base.  The APHIS MBPM technology is available to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Users have the ability to access their BPM solutions using their eAuthentication credential. 


Please contact the TMB Application Development Branch Manager at (970) 494-7214.

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