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Processing FAQ's


Where do I find New Hire/Benefits Forms?

New Hire and Benefits Information can be found on the APHIS New Employee Onboarding or the USDA Onboarding Portal.

Benefits information can also be found on the Benefits webpage

Where do I send Benefits forms?

Benefits forms should be sent to the Benefits section.

I transferred to APHIS from another agency. When will my leave transfer?

Generally, the leave balance is transferred within six weeks after the employee’s start date with USDA. The leave transfer will be based on the SF1150 from the separating agency or last Federal agency under which the employee was last employed. If it has been more than six weeks, please contact your Processing Service Provider.

When will I get credit for my prior service for leave purposes?

The OPF folder will be requested from the Federal agency for any prior service. Once the folder is received, a review of Federal and/or Military Service is performed. Your timekeeper will be informed of the leave date at that time. The Benefits department will review the information to compute the retirement date. In each case, the employee will be notified of any changes or additions.

I am retired military, how do I get leave credit?

Credit for active duty uniformed service is limited to service in the armed forces during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized. Request and complete Form HRO 419, list the campaigns since World War II that may qualify for service credit, sign and date, and return it to your Processing Service Provider. Your Processing Service Provider will request verification and review creditable time.

Note that the full process of gathering and reviewing creditable time may take up to six months.

When will I be eligible for the next annual leave category?

Leave hours are based on your creditable service (Service Computation Date for leave). Your Service Computation Date (SCD) for leave can be found on your Statement of Earnings and Leave (SEL) and in webTA.

Note that non-pay status and changes in tour of duty may affect your SCD dates. Click here for more information about annual leave.

How long before I get access to eAuthentication (eAuth)? Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)? AgLearn?

Your eAuthentication login and password will be used for a number of systems, including eOPF, AgLearn, and webTA.
An e-mail invitation to register for eAuthentication is sent within 3-4 weeks after the employee information is entered into the NFC database by the Processing Team. Note that this is regardless of whether you are employed with APHIS, AMS, or GIPSA. If you have not received your e-mail invitation to register for eAuth, please contact your IT department.

If you are having difficulties, please see your contact providers below:

For APHIS employees, please contact ATAC with any computer questions or concerns. They can be reached at 1-877-944-8457 or

For AMS employees, please contact Technical Resource Branch (TRB) at 1-202-720-1111 or

For GIPSA employees, contact Irene Omade at 1-202-720-8479.

Questions about your electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)?

Please see the following link for the eOPF Registration and Tutorial information (Employees Only Employees Only)

I can’t find my last application/transcript in eOPF, can you help?

Contact your Processing Service Provider with any questions regarding the contents of your eOPF.

How do I make changes: Address? Tax Forms? Direct Deposit? Allotments?

You may make changes to payroll items on the Employee Personal Page (EPP).

If you have problems making changes with EPP, please send your completed forms to your Processing Service Provider.

I am having trouble accessing my EPP. Who do I call?

You can either follow the links for ‘Forgot You User ID?’ and ‘Forgot Your Password?’ on the EPP homepage, or contact NFC Operations and Security Center (OSC) at 1-800-767-9641 or 504-426-6435 or via e-mail at

Does submitting a change of address form change the address for my benefits?

The change of address form (AD-349) will change the address for TSP. However, your address change will not update your health benefits, including dental and vision, flexible spending accounts, or long term care. Please contact these programs individually to change your address with them.

When a name change action is processed does that change my name with TSP? Health Insurance?

TSP – A personnel action, name change SF-52, will change the name on the TSP account.

Health Insurance – Your carrier will be notified at the end of the pay period in which the SF52 was processed.
Note that once the Name Change is processed, a letter, HRO 489, will also be sent to alert you to other items that might need to be changed.

Where do I send an Employment Verification?

The company requesting the information should contact the WorkNumber. If they need further information, they can fax a request to 612-336-3551. Please have them include a release of information from you, the employee.

What is the company code and PIN number for the WorkNumber?

Company code is 10284; PIN is the month and day of your birthday. The format is MM/DD.

When are Within-grade Increases or Within-range Increases (WGIs/WRIs) effective?

Please see the follow this link (Employees Only Employees Only) for more information:

Can I get a copy of my last Statement of Earnings and Leave (SEL)?

If you want a copy of your SEL, please go to the NFC, Employee Personal Page (EPP) or contact your Civilian Pay Technician.

Can I get a copy of my last SF-50B?

Your Processing Service Provider can help with your last SF-50

If you are having problems with your eAuth ID/password, please contact the eAuth help desk. They can be reached at 1-800-657-3642 or eAuth

What is the 3 digit Federal ID code for the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (SF-8)?

Please use 445 for the Federal ID Code.

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