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Salary Overpayments

Examples of Overpayments

  • Improper or no deductions for health or life insurance
  • Erroneous within grade increases
  • Incorrect pay setting
  • Corrected time and attendance reports

Money that is owed due to Quick Service Wires and/or Recertification is not considered a salary overpayment, and, therefore, collection of this money cannot be waived.

Problem Causing Overpayment is Identified and Corrected

  • The adjustment which sets up the bill will either be done automatically through the NFC (National Finance Center) payroll system, or an AD-343 will be sent to the NFC Payroll Department for the bill to be set up manually.
  • NFC generates a “Notice of Intent to Offset Salary” (bill), and it is sent to the employee (via the Servicing Personnel Office). The bill will state the amount owed and when the bill is set to collect from the employee's paycheck.
  • The bill states the reason for the overpayment and which pay period the correction to the overpayment was done. If the reason is “Corrected or Late Personnel Action”, it means the adjustment was done automatically through the NFC payroll system.

Requesting a Waiver of the Bill

  • Submit a signed statement requesting a waiver. It should include knowledge or lack of knowledge of the overpayment.
  • The statement should include the date and how the employee became aware of the overpayment. It should also include any action taken by the employee (i.e. inquiries to supervisor or timekeeper).
  • Submit a copy of the bill.

After Receiving Waiver Request, LCT (Leave & Compensation Team) will:

  • Request NFC to delay collection until decision is made
  • Prepare a report of investigation
  • Forward the report to the appropriate officer for decision whether to grant or deny the waiver

When the Decision is Rendered

  • Employee is notified
  • The bill is either cancelled, if waived, or activated for collection, if waiver is denied


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