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Pay-Setting for a Promotion

When General Schedule (GS) employees are promoted, pay is set at a rate equal to 2 steps above the employee's current salary, or at the first step of the grade to which the employee is being promoted - whichever is greater. The new figure is matched on the new grade scale, or, if it falls between two steps, the employee will be paid at the higher step. If the top step of the grade is exceeded, then pay is set at the top step.

Example: Lee is a GS-5, step 10. Suppose GS-5, step 10 is $28,868. Lee is being promoted to GS-6. Suppose the amount of one step increase within the GS-5 range is $740; two step increases would then equal $1,480.



GS-5, step 10

+ 1,480 

Two GS-5 step increases 


New figure 


GS-6, step 7 = $29,705


> $30,348 (new figure)

GS-6, step 8 = $30,530

Lee will be promoted to a GS-6, step 8. 

If you have any questions about pay setting on promotions, please consult with your staffing specialist for assistance.


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