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Garnishment Information

Garnishments can be processed for child support, alimony, bankruptcy, salary offsets and commercial garnishments. They may be served upon the agent designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) to accept service of process. The service may be accomplished by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, or by personal service upon the appropriate agent. If you receive garnishment materials, please forward the items to the Leave and Compensation Team (LCT).

Child Support/Alimony

Garnishments for child support and alimony are court ordered, these deductions cannot be changed unless the courts direct us to make the changes. Due to varying circumstances, between 50 and 65 percent of the net disposable earnings can be garnished for support payments. Employees must deal directly with the court if they do not agree with the provisions of the order. The automated system can handle an individual having 3 different child support cases but if there are 4 or more cases for one individual, then that individual will have to be paid manually by the National Finance Center, and as a result, no Statement of Earnings and Leave will be generated.

Voluntary Allotments

An employee may voluntarily wish to set up a child support or spousal allotment. In this case, we require a written request from the employee detailing the exact amount they wish to have deducted each pay period, the name and address of the person that is to receive the funds and which pay period they wish the deduction to begin.

Commercial Garnishments

Public Law 103-94 permits the general garnishment of the salaries of Federal Government employees. Examples of commercial garnishments would be delinquent loans, hospital bills, credit card debt, etc. Under the law, 25 percent of the net disposable pay may be garnished for this category.

Pay, Leave & Tours of Duty - Salary Offsets

Requests for salary offsets received from other Government agencies such as the Veterans Administration, the Department of Education, etc.. are honored. The National Finance Center will deduct 15 percent of the employee's net disposable pay each pay period until the debt is satisfied.

Any Federal Tax Levies are forwarded to the National Finance Center for processing after being reviewed by our office.

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