MRP Employees Participating in Volunteer Activities

MRP Employees Participating in Volunteer Activities

On April 22, 1998, President Clinton issued an executive memorandum on volunteer activities. The memorandum encourages agencies to explore measures to expand service opportunities for Federal employees to volunteer in their communities. In response, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), issued guidance to agencies on the existing flexibilities that agencies can use to implement the President's memorandum. (OPM Memo & Guidance)

Here in MRP, such polices are already in place. For example, MRP has Alternative Work Schedules such as MAXIFLEX or AMS-flex that allow an employee to arrange his or her work schedule in such a way to be able to volunteer during the work day. In addition, employees working under MAXIFLEX or AMS-flex may earn credit hours and apply them to volunteer hours. For more specific guidance, see your Agency's Tours of Duty policy or contact your servicing personnel office.

Employees may also request to use annual leave , leave without pay , or earned compensatory time off for volunteer activities. In certain limited circumstances, employees may be granted excused absence .

Part-time employment and/or job sharing may also be appropriate for employees who request such arrangements in connection with performing volunteer service. To get additional information on part-time employment or job sharing, contact your servicing personnel office.


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