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Guidance for 4/23/99 NATO Summit in Washington, D.C.


On April 23, 1999, there will be a NATO Summit in the Washington, D. C. area. The attached USDA memo outlines which employees are excused from duty. Please review that document to determine employees work status for April 23, 1999.

Excusing Employees

Full-time or part-time employees who are regularly scheduled to work in the affected building(s) on April 23, 1999, and are excused from their usual duties without loss of pay or charge to leave. Work should not be scheduled for intermittent employees on this day.

Riverdale, MD, employees are not granted excused absence. They are expected to report for duty in Riverdale as usual.

Pay Entitlements

Employees with duty stations in the excused absence areas who are not excused from duty because their services are required will receive the pay they normally would receive for working on April 23. Employees may not earn compensatory time off or credit hours for work performed during their basic tours of duty on April 23.

Employees excused from duty on April 23, should have their Time and Attendance sheets coded as TC 66 for the hours the employees were originally scheduled to work for that day, e.g., Prior to the beginning of each pay period a tour of duty is established for each employee identifying the number of hours to be worked on each day. Employees who would have normally worked 8 hours on April 23, receive 8 hours excused absence for that day, those with 9 hours would receive 9 hours of excused absence, etc.


Paid leave previously approved for April 23 must be canceled for employees who are granted excused absence on April 23.

Excused absence may not be granted to employees on military leave or to employees in a leave without pay (LWOP) status or other nonpay status on April 23.

Employees on Alternative Work Schedules (Compressed and Flexible Schedules)

An employee on a flexible work schedule who can be excused from duty should be excused for the number of nonovertime hours the employee would otherwise have worked.

An employee on a compressed work scheduled who can be excused from duty should be excused for the number of nonovertime hours the employee would otherwise have worked.

If April 23, is a nonworkday (scheduled day off) for an employee on an alternative work schedule, then he/she is not entitled to an "in lieu of" day off. In addition, such an employee may not change his/her day off to another day off during the pay period solely to receive the benefit of the excused absence.

Additional questions should be referred to your servicing personnel office, Employment and Classification Policy, MRP Human Resources, on area code (301) 734-5382.

Further information can be found at the OPM website


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