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Leave Earnings Statement


General Information 

Issued each pay period employee is paid through the National Finance Center (NFC) automated payroll system

  • Available on NFC EPP

Employee is responsible for reviewing for correctness 

  • Change in tax withholding
  • New election or change of health benefits enrollment
  • New election or change in life insurance coverage

Questions/Errors Should be Referred to Appropriate Official 

Identifying Data 

  • Provides information about the employee
  • I.E., pay period, grade, step and salary information

Earnings and Deductions 

  • Provides transaction codes and description of each code
  • Lists codes and description of each code for deductions made; shows number of hours by transaction code for pay period year-to-date; the total of pay period hours is a total of hours code and not necessarily the total hours worked. For example, TC-11 (night differential) when paid will appear twice, once as TC-01 (regular) and again as TC-11 paying an additional 10%. The total of "hours of code" can then exceed the total hours worked
  • In most cases the transaction codes and hours should correspond to those reported on the T&A
  • Provides amounts that were paid for each transaction code by pay period and year-to-date
  • Shows each deduction in the pay period and year-to-date totals
  • Federal/state tax exemptions claimed
  • Federal Retirement Systems (CSRS and FERS)
  • Medical Hospital Insurance Taxes (HITS) of 1.45% on gross earnings (there is no longer a maximum annual earnings for money subject to Medicare tax)
  • Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance (OASDI) portion of social security tax of 6.2%
  • FEHB - shows health enrollment code and amount
  • FEGLI - shows basic life insurance coverage amount
  • Optional FEGLI - shows age bracket
  • Year -to-date totals for 2007 begin with pay period 25/2006 through pay period 24/2007. Year-to-date totals for 2008 beginning with pay period 25/2007 through pay period 25/2008.

U.S. Savings Bond Account 

Provides information about each authorization

Year-to-date Leave Status 

  • Leave information as reflected in the NFC database (If leave balances are different from the T&A system, check for errors. If the database is correct, simply update the next T&A. If the database is incorrect, submit a leave audit to LCT.
  • Projected use or lose leave shows the amount of leave that should be used by the end of the leave year to avoid forfeiting leave


Information about adjustments provided in this block states which pay periods were adjusted as well as gross and net amount of adjustment.

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