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Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention

The goal of the Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention and Response Program is to initiate USDA and APHIS policies that every customer and employee be treated fairly and equitably, with dignity and respect.  The policy applies not only to how you as an employee should act, but also to how you deserve to be treated by others.  There is no tolerance for harassing, threatening, or violent behaviors at APHIS.

While it is everyone's responsibility to be alert and to report potential workplace violence problems; supervisors and managers have added responsibilities for prevention, assessment, reporting, and response.

As per Agency Directive APHIS 4340.1, Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention and Response Program (October 26, 2020), “Promoting and maintaining a safe, harassment-free work environment is essential to the welfare of all employees and to their ability to carry out the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service mission.” This Directive provides a consistent and effective  for responding to incidents of workplace violence, or its potential occurrence, as well as to allegations of harassment.

According to current USDA Anti-Harassment Policy Statement (April 29, 2021) [updated and provided annually], “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, and inclusive workforce free of discriminatory harassment. This policy applies to USDA employees in their working relationship with Federal employees, non-Federal employees, and the public.  It also applies to contractors and individuals employed under other formal agreements with USDA.”

Employees who witness intimidating, threatening, and/or harassing behavior within the workplace are advised to immediately report those incidents to their supervisor and the Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention and Response Coordinator.

To report an incident, please contact:

Paul Sanchez
Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator
(970) 494-7429 (office)
(970) 666-1857 (mobile)
1-866-234-3174 (WPV Hotline)

Employees can also complete APHIS Form 259-R Workplace Incident Report and submit it to

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