APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit

APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit

APHIS Leaderhsip Development Toolkit

Kevin Shea, Administrator
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)


Leadership and professionalism are key APHIS values. Effective leadership and technical competence at every level of the organization are essential for accomplishing our mission of protecting plants, animals, and other natural resources; for meeting our strategic goals and for improving organizational performance. The APHIS Management Team and I are committed to developing leadership and professionalism at all levels of the organization by providing learning opportunities, tools, and a systematic development process.

Creating an environment which supports and encourages continual learning and employee development has never been more critical than it is today. APHIS is facing new challenges and opportunities which include strengthening our safeguarding systems, addressing the increases in complexity, volume, and visibility of trade issues, and responding to agricultural emergencies. We are also facing a major challenge that will impact our workforce - the projected retirement of the “baby boomers.” The Office of Personnel Management continues to forecast massive retirements at all levels in the next 5 years. In APHIS, this flood of retirements will result in vacancies in more than 250 management/leadership positions and even larger numbers of supervisor positions.

The APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit is an excellent guide for developing the skills needed to meet our upcoming leadership needs. I encourage all APHIS employees to become continual learners and take an active role in your development. The information and guidance available in this booklet will provide an invaluable roadmap for reaching your career development goals.

Click Here for the APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit (PDF)

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