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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Employee & Management Services

Deputy Director
Philip Brown, 202-799-7016

Workplace Resolutions & Wellness Branch (Employees Only)
Branch Chief - Charlotte Jones, 301-851-2888

MRP Labor Management Employee Relations Branch
Team A Branch Chief - Cory Brown, 202-557-0063

Section 1 Chief - Ubaldo “UB” Herrera, 910-884-5568
Section 2 Chief - Patrick OConnor, 202-799-7088

Team B Branch Chief - Annette Cureton, 202-799-7107

Section 3 Chief - Frank Sobolesky, 202-799-7087
Section 4 Chief – Ben Murphy, 612-336-3373

  • Manage performance and conduct of employees
  • Manage performance improvement and disciplinary processes and procedures
  • Contract negotiations and development of negotiation strategies
  • Adjudicate grievances filed under negotiated procedures and charges of unfair labor practices
  • Coordinate arbitration and Impasses Panel case handling
  • Employee and Labor Relations guidance to USDA Departmental Management

Administrative Investigations & Compliance Branch
Branch Chief - Marjorie Bolden, 301-851-2945

  • Investigations & fact-findings of possible misconduct involving violations of
  • Federal laws, rules, and regulations
  • Travel credit care delinquency
  • Computer misuse
  • OIG hotline complaints

Employment Law and Hearings Branch
Branch Chief - Lorri Ittner, 202-799-7075

  • Representational services before the EEOC and MSPB


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