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HRDG 4752 - Disciplinary or Alternative Actions - AMS Authority

SUBJECT: Delegations of Employee Relations Authority
May 25, 2012

TO: Dave Shipman
Agricultural Marketing Service

This is to inform you of the delegation of employee relations authority I am hereby making within Agricultural Marketing Service. The delegations reflect the recommendations of the appropriate program managers.

The enclosed charts provide the delegations of authority for taking adverse and performance-based actions against employees in career positions, GS-1 through GS-15 and equivalent wage grade positions. Authority for career SES positions is retained at the Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP) Assistant Secretary's level. These delegations are part of the personnel authorities which were delegated from the Secretary to Agency Heads, and re-delegated to the Director, Human Resources (HR), Marketing and Regulatory Programs.

EFFECTIVE DATE: These Delegation of Employee Relations Authority Charts are effective immediately.

LIMITATIONS:Actions taken under these delegations:

1) Must not be exercised by an employee with respect to himself/herself, or with respect to an employee occupying a higher position in the chain of command;

2) Except for Caution or Warning memoranda, all other correspondence must be prepared and/or reviewed by the servicing Employee Relations Specialist (ERS) in order to ensure that regulatory requirements are met;

3) Individuals functioning in an acting capacity may exercise these authorities to the extent they are qualified;

4) Further re-delegations may be requested by memorandum to the Director, HR, MRP; and

5) The Director, HR, MRP may suspend a delegation on a case-by-case basis if circumstances so warrant. Program managers may also determine whether or not to use all authorities given in these charts and some cases may warrant keeping the authority at a higher level.

INQUIRIES: Inquiries from supervisors and managers on taking disciplinary or performance-based actions should be directed to their servicing employee relations specialist by calling (202) 799-7089.

Marsha Wiggins, Director
Human Resources
Marketing and Regulatory Programs

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