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HRDG 4752 - Disciplinary or Alternative Actions - TOC

Subchapter 4752
Disciplinary or Alternative Actions
Table of Contents
Issued 10/91
Updated: 02/92, 5/97, 12/06, 03/08, 01/09, 11/09,
02/12, 05/12, 10/12, 03/13, 02/14, 01/15, 07/15, 02/17, 04/18, 11/21


Introduction to this Subchapter


Section A - Who are Employee Relations Specialists (ERS's)?


Section B - How Misconduct & Performance Actions Differ


Section C - General Guidance for Supervisors


Section D - How to Properly Counsel an Employee


Section E - How to Document Properly


Section F - Alternatives to Traditional Discipline


Section G - Actions to Correct Misconduct


Section H - How to Select a Disciplinary Penalty


Section I - Legal and Regulatory Requirements


Section J - What are Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPP's)?


Section K - Other Personnel Actions Under Different Regulations


Section L - Supervisory Training


Glossary of Definitions

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