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HRDG 4630 - Absence and Leave - Section K

Subchapter 4630 - Absence and Leave
Section K - Extended Training


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Accruing Leave During Training An employee who attends training during duty status continues to accrue sick and annual leave.
Written Agreement

Before entering an extended training course, the employee will develop a written agreement with the supervisor which covers:

  • The tour of duty during training,
  • Submission of the time and attendance report, and
  • Utilization of the employee's service during extended nonclass periods.
Accounting for Time During Extended Training Refer to the following table to determine when to charge leave during extended training:
If: Then:
An employee does not attend a scheduled class on a day when classes are held Appropriate leave will be charged for the period of absence.
The agreement with the employee states that the employee's services will be used during breaks and the employee does not report for duty
The employee is unable to attend a class because of the closing of the training facility for extended periods (other than seasonal holidays, semester breaks, etc.) Excused absence will be granted.
The employee uses the time for study when the training facility is closed (with permission if the training agreement does not include this provision) The employee remains in duty status.
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