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HRDG 4630 - Absence and Leave - Section D - Subsection e

Subchapter 4630 - Absence and Leave
Section D - Administrative Leave and Excused Absence
Subsection e - Registration and Voting


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Amount That May Be Granted
Updated 02/12

Updated 07/22

Registering to Vote:

When applied for in advance, an employee in a pay or duty status may be granted up to 3 hours of administrative leave (TC 66) to register to vote. Administrative leave may be granted to employees to register to vote only if registration must be accomplished in person and can only be accomplished on a workday. (see note below) or vote in any election or referendum on a civic matter. This absence will permit employees to report for work up to 3 hours after polls open or leave work up to 3 hours before the polls close, whichever is less.


Employees will be granted up to 4 hours of Administrative Leave, TC 66, to vote, including travel time. If an employee needs to spend less than 4 hours to vote, only the needed amount of administrative leave is granted.

Up to 4 hours of TC 66 is granted for voting in connection with each:

  • Federal general election day, and
  • Election event (including primaries and caucuses) at the Federal, State, local (i.e., county, and municipal), Tribal, and territorial level that does not coincide with a Federal general election day, including Federal special Congressional elections not held on the date of a Federal general election.

The administrative leave may be used for voting on the established election day or for early voting, whichever option is used by the employee with respect to an election event.  If an election simultaneously involves more than one level, then it is a single election event.

Typically, polling places throughout the United States are open for extended periods of time. Therefore, administrative leave should rarely be needed.

In unusual circumstances, employees may be excused for a longer period to enable them to register to vote or vote, but the administrative leave may not exceed a full day. For example, if employees must travel to reach a distant voting place because absentee voting is not permitted, up to 1 day of administrative leave may be granted. Supervisors should be liberal in granting additional time. Any additional time over 1 day will be charged to annual leave, LWOP, accrued credit hours, and/or accrued compensatory time.

Non-Partisan Poll Worker or Non-Partisan Observer:

Employees will be granted up to 4 hours of administrative leave per leave year for the purpose of serving as a non-partisan poll worker or to participate in non-partisan observer activities at the Federal, State, local, Tribal, and territorial level, including training periods. This includes travel time.

This leave is in addition to any administrative leave an employee uses to vote. If the employee requires additional leave they may request annual leave, compensatory time off, credit hours, or leave without pay.

Requesting Leave for Voting Purposes
Updated 07/22

Employees must request administrative leave in advance and receive supervisory approval prior to its use. Scheduling of administrative leave is subject to a determination by the supervisor that the employee can be relieved of duty during the specific period without significantly impairing mission-essential operations.

When requesting administrative leave for voting purposes, employees are responsible for providing information on polling hours for political subdivisions in which they reside. Supervisors will refer to poll hour information and grant requested leave, as necessary, in accordance with the above guidance.

Administrative leave may not be used during a non-workday or during overtime work hours outside the tour of duty established for leave charging purposes.

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