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HRDG 4630 - Absence and Leave - Section B - Subsection f

Subchapter 4630 - Absence and Leave
Section B - Annual Leave
Subsection f - Transfer/Recredit of Annual Leave


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Transfer of Annual Leave

Refer to the following table to determine how accrued annual leave will be transferred when an employee transfers or is separated and then reemployed without a break in service:

If the employee transfers: Then:
To a position under the same leave system The leave balance is transferred.
To a position under a different leave system Leave is transferred and credited by the receiving agency on an adjusted basis.
To a position without a regularly scheduled tour of duty and is expected to return to a leave-earning position before the time covered by a lump sum payment expires The leave balance is transferred.
Between USDA Federal positions and Farm Service Agency county positions without a break in service All accumulated annual leave is transferred to the receiving agency.
Between Federal Government agencies and AMS Milk Market Administration positions (Comptroller General Decision B109025, dated 06/23/52) The value of annual leave to the employee's credit must be paid to the gaining employer. After payment is received, the leave is credited to the employee's leave account. Questions regarding this issue may be referred to the Milk Market Personnel Office , AMS Dairy Division.


Note: Employees may also transfer annual leave to other employees in certain situations. See Section J for more information on the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program.

When Annual Leave Is Not Transferred

Annual leave is not transferred when an employee:

  • Transfers to a position with an intermittent tour of duty and is not expected to return to a full-time or part-time position before the time covered by a lump sum expires.
  • Transfers to a cooperative position in which annual leave is earned under a special system.
  • Is serving in a temporary position while on involuntary furlough from a permanent position.

When any of the above situations occur, a lump sum is paid to the employee.

Recredit of Annual Leave

Annual leave is recredited when:

  • An employee returns from military furlough and he/she did not receive a lump sum payment; or
  • An employee is restored to a position as a result of an unwarranted personnel action separating the employee. Leave is accrued and recredited as if the employee had actually been on the rolls. The employee is still subject to the rules and reg ulations governing leave ceilings and restoration.
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