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HRDG 4610 - Tours of Duty - Section I

Subchapter 4610
Tours of Duty

Section I - Nonstandard Tours of Duty


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Authority to Approve Nonstandard Tours of Duty Responsible officials are authorized to establish nonstandard tours of duty for full-time employees, in accordance with delegated authority, if employees meet one of the listed conditions or the work situation so requires.
Variations for Educational Purposes

An employee may be assigned a special tour to allow him/her to take courses at nearby colleges or universities if:

  • The employee is both nontemporary and full-time,
  • Work conditions and work schedules of other employees are not adversely affected,
  • The course has a work-related purpose or will prepare the employee for more advanced work in the agency, and
  • The employee agrees to remain responsible for a full 40-hour workweek, without receiving premium pay solely because of the rescheduling of his/her hours to accommodate the employee's special tour requirement.

Note: Employees may not be scheduled to work hours or days that are subject to premium pay unless premium pay would be required, regardless of the tour change.

Teaching Work schedules may be adjusted to enable nontemporary employees to teach at an educational institution.
Hours of Work Not Subject to Agency Control Some employees must perform work during hours over which the agency has limited or no control. In these activities, it may not be possible to establish standard tours of duty. Under these circumstances, employees may be assigned to a nonstandard tour of duty, such as the first 40 or the first-8 indefinite tour of duty. This tour should not be used for the convenience of the employee.
Scheduled Nonstandard Tours of Duty

Scheduled nonstandard tours of duty include any scheduled tour that does not meet the requirements for a standard tour of duty. The tour must have definite days and hours of duty scheduled in advance of the start of the administrative workweek.

The scheduled tour may be the same from administrative workweek to administrative workweek, or it may change , but the hours and days of duty must be scheduled before the start of the administrative workweek.

Any tour where either the hours of the day or the days of the week cannot be scheduled in advance is, for example, a first-40-hour tour of duty. However, even though the days of the week may not be predictable, the supervisor must designate the days when the employee may be called for duty.

Required Records

When nonstandard full-time tours of duty are approved, the supervisor will make and maintain a written record of each case.

Information must include:

  • Employee's name,
  • Type of Tour,
  • Reason for the tour,
  • Duration of the tour, and
  • Date approved.

This record, which must be approved by an authorized official, should be maintained by the office responsible for preparing T&A reports.

Exceptions: This record is not required for first-40-hour, first 8-hour, and OT within the 40 hours tours.

This written record also is not required where PPQ Form 263-R, Tour of Duty Schedule, is used to set rotating schedules for inspectors at ports of entry. PPQ Form 263-R must be maintained by the office responsible for preparing T&A reports

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