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HRDG 4501 - Electronic Statement of Earnings and Leave (SEL) - Section C

Subchapter 4501
Electronic Statement of Earnings and Leave (SEL)

Section C– Employee Personal Page (EPP)



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What is the EPP? The EPP is an electronic, confidential system that empowers you to process some of your own payroll forms and view your payroll information, such as your SEL.
Why do I have to use EPP? USDA has decided that all employees will use EPP to access their SEL because it reduces unnecessary overhead expenses.
How do I access EPP? You may access the EPP on-line at, and click on the “My EPP” icon. The system is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
What information will my electronic SEL have?

The electronic SEL will have the same information as the hardcopy SEL. They both look the same but the EPP has added enhancements which will allow you to see such things as:

  • Full explanations of the abbreviations on your SEL, e.g., actual coverage for FEGLI (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance);
  • When you received your last within grade increase;
  • What travel vouchers have been processed and in what amounts; and,
  • Your current and projected leave balances.
Will private sector companies accept a hardcopy printout of my SEL for purposes of conducting business? A hardcopy printout of your SEL will usually be considered as “official” for business purposes; however, contact the business entity directly to determine for sure.
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