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HRDG 4413 - Career Enhancement Program - Section D

Subchapter 4413
Career Enhancement Program

Section D - Documentation



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Forms to Prepare Supervisors are responsible for establishing a CEP training file and maintaining records relevant to the training of CEP participants. Use the following table as a guide to the necessary forms and reports and the timeframes for each.
When:   Prepare this document:
When an employee decides to apply for a CEP position Red Arrow Supervisory Assessment Qualification Statement
(see Exhibit C)
After selection, but before entrance into CEP Red Arrow Statement Regarding Promotions
(see Exhibit D)
No more than 30 days after the selectee enters the CEP position Red Arrow
  • Individual Training Plan (ITP)
    (see Exhibit E)
  • Performance Standards
During normal periodic reviews of participant's progress (semi-annually and annually) Red Arrow Performance Plan, Review and Appraisal Worksheet (AD-435 A/B)
Approximately 30 days before completion of training (for final evaluation of performance and potential for satisfactory performance in the target series) Red Arrow No specific form is required.
A memo to the files is sufficient.
After the participant has satisfactorily completed all training in the ITP Red Arrow ITP (see Exhibit E), showing dates completed in the training plan outline
Promotion is recommended Red Arrow Request for Personnel Action (SF-52)
Distribution of Forms

Follow the instructions on the AD-435 A/B for distribution of the performance review forms. All other forms listed in the above table should be distributed as follows:

  • Original forms - Place in the employee's CEP training file.
  • Copies of all forms - To the employee and to HRO for inclusion in the OPF.
  • Copy of initial ITP only - To the training office.

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