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HRDG 4413 - Career Enhancement Program - Section A

Subchapter 4413
Career Enhancement Program

Section A - Roles and Responsibilities



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Management Officials Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP) Administrators, Associate/Deputy Administrators, and Directors (Program, Staff, Regional, Lab, and Division) or their designees are responsible for general administration of the Career Enhancement Program (CEP).

Supervisors will:

  • Adhere to merit principles and equal opportunity and civil rights principles which include the USDA and MRP commitment to achieving workforce diversity in filling CEP positions.
  • Provide information to employees on career counseling.
  • Work with the servicing personnel office to identify suitable opportunities to create CEP positions. When necessary, restructure existing jobs to establish trainee positions.
  • Ensure that CEP training opportunities are available to all eligible employees (potential applicants).
  • Ensure that funding is available for training identified in the participant's individual training plan (ITP).
  • Complete and submit required forms when an employee participates in the CEP (see Section D for specific guidance on CEP documentation).
  • Monitor progress by determining that career objectives outlined in employees' ITP's are being met. Encourage employees in their efforts to reach their maximum potential.
  • Regularly evaluate the employee's performance and progress in meeting training and performance standards and provide counseling during periodic performance reviews.


An employee who participates in the CEP will:

  • Participate in development of the ITP, the individual goal-setting process, and career counseling activities;
  • Provide data and information, as requested, for various career development segments;
  • Inform the supervisor of progress made toward completing the training; and
  • Extend his/her best efforts toward successfully completing the requirements of the ITP and performing at standards set for the target position.

Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)

The SPO office will:

  • Serve as the point of contact for supervisors and employees by providing technical guidance;
  • Assist supervisors in identifying positions appropriate for use in CEP;
  • Classify positions for CEP opportunities, issue vacancy announcements, evaluate applications, facilitate rating panels, and issue selection certificates;
  • Assist supervisors, in collaboration with the training office, in identifying training and educational needs required to attain the target position;
  • Maintain records/statistics required for administration of the CEP, and submit reports as required; and
  • Provide assistance and information to facilitate the development of civil rights surveys and studies.

Policy Office

MRP Human Resources (MRPHR), Employment and Classification Policy (ECP) Branch will:

  • Develop and maintain MRP policy concerning the CEP;
  • Provide guidance and interpretation of policy matters relating to the CEP;
  • Notify MRP programs of new developments in the administration of the CEP; and
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and progress of the CEP.

Training Offices

MRP training offices in Organizational and Professional Development will:

  • Provide guidance, methodology, and advice on the training aspects of the CEP;
  • Encourage managers and supervisors to identify career opportunities for employees who are undertrained;
  • Assist managers in preparing ITP's for CEP participants; and
  • Serve as training advisors and career counselors to supervisors and CEP participants.

Civil Rights Staffs

MRP civil rights staffs will:

  • Assist in the identification of target occupations and positions;
  • Provide data on under-representation by race, gender, grade level, and occupational series to MRPHR personnel;
  • Monitor participation and track career development of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities in the CEP; and
  • Provide management with CEP affirmative employment updates and advice.

Contacts for Assistance

Refer to the following table to obtain assistance with CEP-related activities:

For assistance with: Contact:
Identifying appropriate positions for CEP SPO and/or civil rights staff
Establishing trainee positions, recruiting, and determining qualifications SPO
Establishing and interpreting training policy and/or developing training plans Training office in Organizational and Professional Development
Performance management Employee relations specialist
Technical or procedural questions SPO
Developing and interpreting CEP policy and procedures, program monitoring, evaluation, and liaison with Department Policy office (MRPHR/ECP)

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