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HRDG 4413 - Career Enhancement Program - Exhibit B

Section D-Documentation
Exhibit B--Sample Self-Assessment Qualification Statement


Announcement Number: _______________


INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICANTS: The purpose of this statement is to provide a description of your overall experience, education, training, awards, and self-development as they relate to the knowledge, skills and abilities for this position.

  1. Knowledge of Program, agency and departmental regulations, policies and procedures and other administrative laws and regulations applicable to assigned areas of responsibility.
  2. .Skill in communicating in writing to develop instructions, procedures, recommendations and reports on a variety of complex issues.
  3. Skill in communicating orally in order to brief Program management, conduct meetings, and make presentations.
  4. Ability to interpret written regulations and guidelines in order to provide sound advice on a variety of management related activities.
  5. Ability to plan and organize work projects in order to carry out assigned duties related to Agency programs.
________________ ________________ _______
Signature of applicant Typed/printed name Date

Note: This sample form is designed as a template for applicants to address KSA's in a user-friendly format. The criteria will vary according to the needs of the position.

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