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HRDG 4368 - Telework Program - Section G

Subchapter 4368
Telework Program 

Section G - Satellite Offices: Equipment and Costs



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Agreements With Satellite Offices


APHIS has entered into an Interagency Agreement (IA) with the U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) Office of Workplace Initiatives, which allows APHIS headquarters participants to use established telecommuting centers (satellite offices). GSA and non-GSA satellite centers are located across the United States.

Formal IAs have not been established with GSA for APHIS field employees or AMS and GIPSA employees. In this interim, other arrangements for these participants may be initiated and approved by the supervisor. A copy of the signed agreement must be maintained by the Telework coordinator.

Agency-Owned Equipment

Equipment/servers provided at satellite offices includes:

  • Computer, modem, and telephone at each workstation;
  • General purpose software;
  • Use of laser printer, fax machine, and copy machine;
  • Telephone lines, as needed, for voice and data transmission;
  • Office space with modular furniture;
  • Standard Government manuals;
  • Office management;
  • Locked storage areas for portable equipment, personal items, work products, etc.
  • Building maintenance and janitorial services.

Note: Field participants' access to telecommunications and equipment may vary according to the acquisition, lease, construction, and equipment authorities in their geographic area.

Employee-Owned Equipment
Updated 08/14

If they wish to do so, employees may provide their own equipment and other office items. These must be installed, maintained, and removed by employees. The management of the satellite office will not provide support for these items. Employees are responsible for any service or repair costs for their own equipment.

Note: Per USDA requirements MRP does not allow use of employee-owned equipment for agency work. Exceptions to this requirement are telephones, printers and fax machines.

Long Distance Calls Employees using satellite offices must use Federal calling cards or approved Federal Telephone System long distance service to make long distance calls.

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