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HRDG 4330 - Career Transition Assistance Plan - Section D

Subchapter 4330
Career Transition Assistance Plan

Section D - External Recruitment



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When Do I Have to Announce a Position?

If the targeted candidate or pool of candidates is external (outside of USDA), an announcement must be issued for any personnel action to fill a position by:

  • Competitive appointments (e.g., from registers and case exam procedures).
  • Noncompetitive appointments to the competitive service (such as the types listed below as well as Outstanding Scholar and Bilingual/Bicultural appointments under the Luevano Consent Decree).

    • Former Canal Zone employees.
    • Based on service on White House Staff, etc.
    • Incumbency of position brought into the competitive service.
    • Disabled veterans who have completed specified training.
    • Former ACTION volunteers.
    • Certain Foreign Service employees (present and former).
    • Present/former Peace Corps personnel.
    • Certain former overseas employees.
    • Based on service in Panama Canal Commission (U.S. positions).
    • Certain National Guard technicians.
  • Movement between agencies (e.g., transfer), except under reduction-in-force regulations and except noncompetitive movement of displaced employees between agencies as a result of reorganization, transfer of function, or mass transfer.
  • Reinstatements (includes reinstatement of other former USDA employees).
  • Time-limited appointments of 120 days or more to the competitive service, including extensions not excepted.

Note: Managers also must work with the servicing personnel office to clear CTAP before procuring private sector temporary services.

CTAP is considered “cleared” for 120 days from the closing date of an announcement. If another vacancy of the same grade, series, duties, qualifications, program, and local commuting area occurs within the 120-day time period, it may be filled without issuing another announcement.

Exceptions: External Recruitment

The following personnel actions are excepted from Interagency CTAP provisions. If the candidate(s) for a position is/are outside USDA, the position does not have to be announced for:

  • Temporary appointments and extensions where the total time does not exceed 120 days.
  • Filling a position through an excepted appointment.
  • Reemployment of former USDA employees who have regulatory or statutory reemployment rights (e.g., placement of injured workers receiving Workers' compensation benefits).
  • Extensions of temporary or term actions, up to the full period allowed, provided that the original announcement observed CTAP rules and stated that an extension was possible without further announcement.
  • Noncompetitive movement of displaced employees between agencies or employees moved as a result of reorganization or transfer of function.
  • Conversion of employees on excepted appointments that confer eligibility for noncompetitive conversion into the competitive service.
  • Placements under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act.
  • Actions taken under reduction-in-force regulations.
  • Appointment of an applicant with 10-point compensable veteran status through an appropriate appointing authority.
  • Reappointment of former employees with their agency into hard-to-fill positions, the duties of which require unique skills and experience necessary to conduct a formal skills-based training program for the agency.
  • An action taken by the agency head (or designee) pursuant to the settlement of a formal complaint, grievance, appeal, or other litigation.
  • Retention of individuals whose excepted position or positions in public or private enterprise are brought into the competitive service, and subsequent conversion, when applicable.
  • Retention of an employee for whom OPM has approved a rule 5.1 variation.
  • Placement of a member of the Senior Executive Service under 5 U.S.C. 3594.
Selection Priorities: External Recruitment Actions

If not listed in “Exceptions,” when filling a vacancy from outside USDA's workforce (i.e., external recruitment), AMS, APHIS, and GIPSA must select:

  • Current or former USDA employees eligible under the Reemployment Priority List, then;
  • Any other former employee displaced from USDA who follows CTAP procedures, then;
  • Current or former Federal employees displaced from other agencies who follow CTAP procedures, and then;
  • Any other candidate (under appropriate selection procedures).

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