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HRDG 4178 - Compensation and Leave Claims Procedures - Section B - Filing a Claim

Subchapter 4178 - Compensation and Leave Claims Procedures
Section B - Filing a Claim


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Filing a Claim

Compensation and leave claims must be filed with the servicing HRO within six (6) years of the date the right to payment accrued.

In instances where claims have been reviewed by the Human Resources Division (HRD) and the employee (claimant) is not satisfied with the case disposition, then the employee may file a claim with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Claims Process



Does What?




  • Prepares written claim providing:
    • Claimant’s name, address, phone number, email, Program, duty station, series, position title, grade,
    • Details of the claim to include date(s), and Program, duty station, series, position title, and grade at the time the claim began if different from above,
    • Statement on whether or not a collective bargaining unit member,
    • Supporting documentation, if any,
    • Amount sought, and
    • Any other information believed to support the claim.
  • Forwards the claim to the appropriate servicing HRO office.

Note: Claimant or his/her designated representative must sign and date the claim.


HRO Servicing Specialist

  • Notifies appropriate Program official(s) that a claim has been filed.
  • Gathers necessary data.
  • Reviews and prepares a written case analysis. Written analysis must use the following format:
  • Background
  • Applicability - Indicate applicable laws, rules, regulations, and/or policies with relevant citations noted. (Attach copies of each item referenced.)
  • Factual Findings & Analysis
  • Collective Bargaining Unit Statement - Indicate if the claimant is or is not a member of a collective bargaining unit. If s/he is then indicate if the claim is or is not covered by a negotiated grievance procedure that specifically excludes the claim from review by OPM.
  • Recommendation - Recommended disposition of the claim.
  • Prepares decisional memorandum for the reviewing official and attaches the case analysis and claim.
  • Forwards documents to the reviewing official.


Reviewing Official

  • Reviews case.
  • If needed, returns the case to the HRO Specialist for additional information. Step 2 above is repeated.
  • Signs memorandum indicating recommendation and forwards to the HRD Director or FAS Chief Operating Officer, for decision.


Deciding Official

  • Reviews case.
  • If needed, returns the case to the Reviewing Official for additional information. Steps 2 – 3 above may be repeated.
  • Indicates decision by signing the appropriate area of the decisional memorandum and returns it to the HRO Servicing Specialist.


HRO Servicing Specialist

  • Provides a copy of the decision and the HRO Specialist’s case analysis to the employee.
  • Advises the Program of the decision.
  • If the decision is in the employee’s favor then ensures the proper corrections / payments are made.
  • Notifies the employee once the corrections / payment(s) have been made, if any.



For disapproved claims, the employee may file a claim with the OPM. A submission to OPM must include a copy of the:

  • Initial claim,
  • HRO Specialist’s written analysis,
  • HRD Director’s (or FAS Chief Operating Officer’s) decisional memorandum, and
  • Any other documentation the claimant believes should be considered.
Where to Send Claims

Initial compensation and leave claims must be forwarded to the appropriate HRO office as indicated below.

MRP & FAS Compensation Claims

MRP & FAS Pay & Leave Claims

Servicing Staffing Specialist

Human Resources Office (HRO)

Minneapolis, MN

Servicing Leave and Compensation Team Specialist


Minneapolis, MN

Note: “Compensation” claims typically arise from staffing functions, e.g., pay setting, SCD dates. “Pay” claims typically arise from e.g., disputed premium pay such as overtime, night differential.

Employees with disapproved claims wanting additional claim review may forward claims to OPM as indicated below:

OPM Claim

Send To:

Compensation (to include pay) and Leave

Program Manager

Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness, Rm. 7671

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

1900 E Street NW

Washington, DC 20415

Telephone inquiries regarding such claims may be made to: (202) 606-7948.

OPM Claim Decisions

MRP & FAS Approved Claims Claims approved by the HRD Director or the FAS Chief Operating Officer may be paid when there is no question of law or fact. Payments are to be made timely and the claimant is to be advised as soon as possible.
OPM Approved Claims

OPM approved claims must be handled according to the instructions provided by OPM. Such instructions may be found in the letter or order transmitting the claim to the payroll office. When payment is to be made by the payroll office, the claim must be paid as part of the regular payroll.

Claim Reviews

OPM claim settlement is final. There is no further administrative review of claims within OPM.

Claimants may choose to bring their claim before an appropriate U. S. court.

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