HRDG 4080 - Transit Incentive Program - Section C

HRDG 4080 - Transit Incentive Program - Section C

Subchapter 4080
Transit Incentive Program 

Section C - Voucher Distribution


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Can I Receive Cash Instead of a Transit Voucher? No, you may not receive cash. When transit vouchers are unavailable at a particular location, the Foundation Financial Information System (FFIS) is used to reimburse you. Provide proof of transportation usage at the end of each month (e.g., travel receipts) along with a completed SF-1164, Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business, to your MRP transit coordinator. Your MRP transit coordinator works with your local financial specialist to obtain reimbursement. The financial specialist uses a "No Obligation" (NO) FFIS form to obtain reimbursement.
Who Distributes Transit Vouchers? Headquarters: DOT procures and distributes transit vouchers quarterly.

Field: DOT will contact each local transit authority to procure transit vouchers and give them to the local transit coordinator for distribution. The timeframe (monthly, quarterly, etc.) for distribution will depend on the local transit authority. Contact your local transit coordinator to determine when your transit voucher will be distributed to you.

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