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HRDG 4080.2 - Section D – Payment to Child Care Facility

Subchapter 4080.2
Child Care Tuition Assistance Program
Section D – Payment to Child Care Facility


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Payment to Child Care Facility

Employees are responsible for full payment to their child care providers until subsidies begin.

Payments are disbursed from APHIS CCTAP Contractor directly to the designated child care provider. Both the employee and licensed child care provider must certify monthly by signing the monthly invoice provided by CTR Management Group that the child care services were delivered to the child(ren). The employee or child care provider then returns the completed certification form to CTR Management Group via email at who then issues the payment directly to the childcare provider.

Note: Payments are never made directly to the employee.

Employees are also responsible for required payments in the event Federal agency funds are unavailable due to a Continuing Resolution or any other interruption of funding.

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