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Video Loans

APHIS Ergonomics

To help meet your individual training needs, the APHIS Ergonomics Program currently has the following topics available on DVD:

1. Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone

Description:  Eight out of 10 Americans will seek medical attention for a back problem sometime in their lives.  That's an alarming stat.  Help your employees' avoid back injuries to maximize efficiency and put an end to these injuries.  Give them reliable techniques for back safety.  The program also compares the rigors of professional sports with those of ordinary jobs and examines the facts on:

  • Defending your safety zone
  • Safe lifting
  • Posture and exercise
  • Back injuries and prevention

2. Office Ergonomics: It's Your Move

Description:  Every year nearly two million American workers suffer musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  From pinched nerves and strained muscles to inflamed tendons and sore necks, these mild injuries occur when our bodies take a beating beyond their ability to recover.  And their effects stretch beyond the physical, workflow reduction, efficiency disruption, absences and decline in productivity.  MSDs can strike anyone...even people who work in offices.  This program examines the nature of this problem and what you and your employees can do to prevent it.

  • The signs and symptoms of MSDs
  • Recognizing MSD risk factors
  • Preventing MSDs
  • Benefits of protecting yourself while you work

Each DVD comes complete with an instructional guide, workbooks, and other useful training tools.  Please contact the APHIS Ergonomics Program at 301-436-3175 to request a DVD loan. 

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