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Workstation Converters

APHIS Ergonomics

DISCLAIMER: Listings on this page do not constitute endorsement by APHIS or the U.S. Government.

*NOTE 1: GSA pricing is available on most items upon request.

*NOTE 2: It is important to try and demo equipment prior to purchase to determine if equipment meets needs, comfort, and or support, where applicable. If the manufacturer does not offer a trial period, try and go to a local store to trial the equipment. The APHIS Ergonomics Program may also be contacted for possible equipment trials.

(GSA pricing avail. on most items)
DE100 Corner Sleeve   $85
DE400 Corner Sleeve   $155
DE450 Corner Sleeve   $155
KnollExtra SurfBoard VDT Corner
  • Phone:  1-877-615-6655
KnollExtra VDT Sleeve
  • Phone:  1-877-615-6655
179-ACD Corner Diagonal   $39
179-CR Rectangle Corner Sleeve   $72


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