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Desk Slants

APHIS Ergonomics

DISCLAIMER: Listings on this page do not constitute endorsement by APHIS or the U.S. Government.

*NOTE 1: GSA pricing is available on most items upon request.

*NOTE 2: It is important to try and demo equipment prior to purchase to determine if equipment meets needs, comfort, and or support, where applicable. If the manufacturer does not offer a trial period, try and go to a local store to trial the equipment. The APHIS Ergonomics Program may also be contacted for possible equipment trials.

(GSA pricing avail. on most items)
Ergo Desk Designer/Classic Series With reading and writing materials placed on the Ergo Desk instead of a flat desktop, posture straightens, eyes relax, and aches disappear. $182 - $262
Microdesk - Regular
  • An adjustable sloped writing platform for the keyboard work position.
  • Enables easy access to the keyboard while working with papers and books.
  • Prevents reaching and twisting as your papers are placed directly in front of you.
  • Suitable for both left and right handed users.
  • Suitable for conventional, flat single-surface desktops.
Microdesk - Step
  • Suitable for keyboard trays and bi-level desks.
  • The keyboard platform must be at least 9½ deep and 25" wide for proper placement of the front edge of the Microdesk over the keyboard "home row."
  • For single-surface desks where the computer screen is placed low for shorter people, or for those with graduated-lens reading glasses.
Slant Board
  • Smooth sloped surface adjusts from 200 to 600 for writing or reading.
  • Durable non-glare hardwood-ply with bottom ledge.
  • In two sizes; Small 16"L x 14"D or large 24"L x 14"D.
$185 - $190


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