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Suggestions for Finding the Jobs You Want on USAJOBS

To find current job openings:

1. Open USAJobs
2. Highlight the agency you wish the database to search for you (All USDA, USDA-AMS,USDA-APHIS, USDA-GIPSA, or the Merit Systems Protection Board).
3. Choose the geographic location you wish to find job openings.
4. Indicate your eligibility (please note that if you indicate you are a status employee by answering “yes” to the applicant eligibility question, the you will return both status and non-status jobs in your search).
5. Choose to see jobs that have opened within the last day up to 60 days ago.
6. Click the submit button.

The system will search through the job vacancies currently open at the USAJOBS website and create a list of jobs for you that meet your search criteria. They will be listed in order by closing date (listing those closing soonest first), so you can easily scroll through the list to find the jobs you want.

Click on the title of any job to see full vacancy information.

To create a job search agent:

To create an email job search agent you must create an account at the USAJOBS website. Once your account has been created, agents are developed by clicking the [Agents] tab and following the USAJOBS guidance on creating a job search agent.

Once you have created an agent, the system will automatically send you e-mail notification weekly when jobs open meeting your saved search criteria. You may click on the link sent to you within the email for any job for full job vacancy information.

You may create up to 5 e-mail job search agents. You may edit or delete these agents at any time.

For additional information or guidance on creating a job search agent, please visit the USAJOBS tutorial page:

At the above website, follow the link to download the guide entitled “My Job Search Agents.”

Thank you for your interest in USDA, MRP and good luck on your job search! 

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