Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



What is a VID?

A VID is a Vendor IDentification. The VID consists of the Vendor's Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN or EIN) or Social Security Number plus a unique alpha identifier.

In order for a vendor to receive payment through the new Foundation Financial Information System (FFIS), they need to have a VID, containing their current remittance address, established at NFC. Establishing the VID's in FFIS is the responsibiltiy of the warranted Purchasing Agents. The VID is included on each obligation document (AD-838 PO) sent to NFC.

Why do you need to know the VID?

Before NFC will process a payment to a vendor, they will match the VID from the obligation document (AD-838) with that shown on the vendor's invoice and the receipt document (AD-838B or AD-838D).

You need to include the VID on ALL receipt documents and invoices forwarded to NFC for payment. Not including that information will result in un-timely or even non-payment of the vendor's invoice.

VID Location on the Vendor Invoice (Type 43)

The VID must be included in the remittance address on the vendor's invoice preceded by alpha "VID" (example: VID1234567890 A). The Agency must enter the vendor's VID on the invoice if the vendor does not supply it.

VID Location on the AD-838D (Type 45)

The VID must be entered in Block 6, second line of the vendor's street address, preceded by alpha "VID" (example: VID1234567890 A), along with the rest of the complete remittance address.

What information is required on a procurement request (AD700)?

A procurement request is required before a purchasing transaction can be completed. The request however, does not need to be on the AD-700 form, it just needs to contain the relevant data. Procurement requests are accepted by mail to 100 N 6th Street, Butler Square 5th Floor, Minneapolis, 55403. You may submit your requisition electronically via PRISM. For more information about PRISM, Contact the PRISM Help Line @ at (612) 370-2110. You may also fax the request to (612) 370-2136 or you may call in your request to (612) 370-2110. Requests need to contain the following data:

1. Procurement Request Number (PRN)

(Receiving Office Number)

2. Ship to Address

3. Vendor's Name and Phone Number (if you have selected a vendor)

4. Destination Contact Name and Phone Number

5. Description of Product or Service Requested

6. Cost Estimate (either actual cost or an estimate of what you would like to spend)

7. Technical Contact Name and Phone Number

8. Accounting Code

9. Authorized Signature (person within your office authorized to obligate funds on behalf of the Government).

Helpful Hints: 

  • The technical contact should be the person who can answer any questions about the requisition.
  • IF you have any additional information from the vendor such as price quotes or the name of the representative you spoke with, please provide that information.
  • Although not necessary, IF you have done any price comparisons, please include that information.


Amendments to purchase orders may be "Called In" to the Purchasing Agent listed on your purchase order. NO additional form is necessary!

How do I receipt on a Purchase order?


Type of PO

Receipt to NFC On

Golden Rod Copy To Mpls 

Sent To

PO Used for Purchase of

AD-700 Submitted for Renewal

Submit AD-700 
To Mpls When

40 Over $2500 Green receipt copy
or on
AD 838A
or call
in receipt
to Mpls
Yes NFC Equipment and or supplies No When needed one-time purchase
40 Under $2500 None required unless "R" in sub block
or NFC notice
or call
to Mpls
Yes NFC Equipment and or supplies No When needed one-time purchase
41 None required No NFC Advance Sub-
scriptions books
Yes When
the sub-
scription Expires
41P None required No No invoice required advance payment Sub-
scriptions books registration
Yes, if needed for the next fiscal year When payment in advance is needed
42 None required No No invoice required automatic payment parking space rental, storage space, etc.,
fixed/ recurring charges
Yes Two
months prior to expiration can not be amended
43 Use
838B with invoice attached
No To the consignee or
address given
Service, I.E.,
copier rental, janitorial, etc
Yes In June
for the next
45 Use
838D with invoice attached
No To the consignee or
address given
Misc. supplies charge account No Only when need to cancel
amend order

NOTE: On type 43 and 45's make sure the purchase order number on the invoice matches the purchase order number on the AD-838B or D respectively. If the invoice does not have a number, assign one, indicate it on the AD-838B or D.

In addition please ensure that the Vendor's ID (VID) is printed on both the Vendor's invoice and the Receipt Document (AD88B or D).

If you have any questions regarding receipting, please call any of the Minneapolis Purchasing Team members or the PRISM Help Line (612) 370-2110

DENNIS BARRY (612) 370-2146
PAUL LUND (612) 370-2126
JOANNE MANN (612) 370-2241
JASON WILKING (612) 370-2217

What is the average processing time for a contract?

Depending on the method used by the Contracting Officer either Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation for Bid (IFB). A minimum of 120 days is needed to do a RFP. Procurements done under this method are more flexible and allows for an opportunity for discussion. A minimum of 90 days is needed for the IFB. An IFB employs competitive bids which are publicly opened.


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