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Program Overview

About Biotechnology Regulatory Services
In the regulation of genetically engineered organisms, BRS is part of a science-based federal regulatory framework to protect America's agricultural resources and the broader environment.

BRS Strategic Plan
In 2015, BRS developed a new strategic plan that serves to provide the program with direction by outlining the organization's plan for the future - its vision of what the program wants to become, the mission and values it shares, the challenges it faces and how the program will overcome them, and what BRS hopes to achieve through 2018. BRS uses this document to guide its internal planning and to communicate and coordinate its joint efforts with its partners and stakeholders.

Programs and Functions

The work of BRS is coordinated across two programs, Biotechnology Risk Analysis Programs and Regulatory Operations Programs, with four support service groups in the Office of the Deputy Administrator.  These programs are located at APHIS Headquarters in Riverdale, MD. There are also offices within the Regulatory Operations Program at Ft. Collins, CO and Raleigh, NC.

  • Deputy Administrator's Office
    • Support Services
      • Communications
      • Intergovernmental Operations
      • Policy, Program, and International Collaboration
      • Resource Management Services
    • Science Advisors
  • Biotechnology Risk Analysis Programs
  • Regulatory Operations Programs


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