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Regulatory Status Review Table

The table below provides regulatory status review (RSR) requests submitted to APHIS and APHIS’ corresponding responses.


RSR Number


Plant (Common Name)

Scientific Name




Response Date

RSR Request

RSR Response

21-166-01rsr Norfolk Plant Sciences
Solanum lycopersicum
Product Quality and Marker Gene
Purple fruit color and increased anthocyanin in fruits, resistance to kanamycin and neomycin Fruit-specific expression of the Antirrhinum majus Del and Ros1 transcription factors, Neomycin phosphotransferase (NPTII) 09/06/2022 View Document View Document
21-152-01rsr Agrivida, Inc.
Corn Zea mays
Altered enzyme levels and Marker gene (carbon source)
Increased beta-glucanase and carbon source (Mannose) used as a selectable marker
Seed-specific expression and endoplasmic reticulum localization of a thermostable beta-glucanase that hydrolyzes glycosidic bonds of glucans and mannans and PMI (phosphomannose isomerase) catalyzes the reversible conversion of mannose 6-phosphate and fructose 6-phosphate.
09/29/2022 View Document View Document
21-245-01rsr ToolGen
Solanum tuberosum
Altered tuber quality
Reduced enzymatic browning
Knockout of a polyphenol oxidase gene (StPPO2) expressed primarily in tubers
9/29/2022 View Document View Document

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